Trainee alumni are a part of the AUCD Emerging Leaders Community and can use their knowledge and skills to benefit the AUCD network and broader disability field in many ways. At AUCD, we never stop supporting Emerging Leaders, no matter where they are in their careers and/or leadership journeys. We are currently in the process of brainstorming ideas and activities to ensure that alumni are connected to resources, opportunities, and each other.

As with any Emerging Leaders Community project, your input and participation are essential! Please e-mail Maureen Johnson at [email protected] to learn about opportunities to get involved in alumni outreach efforts.

If you recently completed your traineeship, be sure to check out the Module 3: Grow of the Trainee Orientation Modules to learn about resources that may help you take next steps.

On the right-hand side, please feel free to ask any questions you have in mind or check out some frequently asked questions that are already answered.

Alumni Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals completing their formal leadership training at AUCD member sites often have many questions about their next steps. To provide guidance and help you learn from others, this website has a space for trainee alumni to submit questions – it’s likely you’re not the only one thinking about it! You can also check out answers to questions that have already been asked.