Absolutely! Trainee alumni are members of the AUCD Emerging Leaders Community. This also means you are also a part of the broader AUCD network, which means you're able to access to a wide array of resources and networking, leadership, and other opportunities. For example, attending the annual AUCD Conference is a great way to get exposed to what other network members are doing and how it all aligns with your work and/or professional goals. You can join one of the many AUCD Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to connect with people that share your passion for disability topics. Subscribing to listservs will keep you in the loop on AUCD network activities and disability policy developments, and the webinar library is a great way to access useful content from expert presenters.



As trainee alumni, we know you probably have a few questions on your mind. You may be wondering about your next steps, or some career guidance. Feel free to type your question in the text box below. Try to keep them as general as possible so that the answers can benefit other alumni that might be thinking about similar things. If you have questions that are very specific to you, we recommend reaching out to an AUCD staff person directly.