Council Trainee Representatives 



Trainees are enthusiastic and eager for more leadership opportunities within the AUCD network and greater involvement with AUCD Councils. While Councils are open to all AUCD network members at all stages of their careers, including trainees, Councils, and their leadership are eager for increased trainee engagement. As a result, the Council Trainee Representative Program was developed to address the interest and needs of trainees and Council leadership.

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Council Trainee Representative Overview

·       One Council Trainee Representative is selected per Council, five representatives in total.

·       This leadership opportunity for current trainees starts in September 2023 and ends in May 2024.

·       Council Trainee Representatives will attend assigned meetings, receive a Council Mentor, and collaborate with other council trainee representatives. The AUCD staff member and Emerging Leaders Board Representative will facilitate an initial call with all Council Trainee Mentors and Council Trainee Representatives to introduce everyone and ensure there are clear expectations and outcomes of the initiative.

·       AUCD will pay for registration for trainees to attend the AUCD Annual Conference (November 5th-8th, 2023).  Council Trainee Representatives will have a chance for national recognition and engagement at trainee events during the AUCD Conference.

Council Trainee Representative Responsibilities

·       Meet bi-monthly with other Council Trainee Representatives to share information and strategies throughout the term

·       Present information about Council priorities and activities during the Council Trainee Representatives group calls.

·       Meet monthly with Council Mentor to develop appropriate and relevant trainee leadership opportunities that will have long-term benefits for both participating trainees and the Council (e.g., facilitating communications among Council members, identifying emerging needs that the Council might address, supporting Council-sponsored webinars). This also includes a sustainable trainee leadership project from beginning to end.

·       Promote the Emerging Leader Community by contributing to webinars, newsletters, and other forms of communication.

·       Attend all Council calls and the annual AUCD Conference

·       Time commitment: 4-5 hours a month

Benefits of being a Council Trainee Representative

·       Gain a deeper understanding of the AUCD network.

·       Learn how Councils function and communicate within the network, the national office, and the Board.

·       Gain project management skills in a national non-profit disability organization.

·       Relationship building and networking with Council members, other Trainee Council Representatives, AUCD staff, and the Emerging Leaders Community.

·       Professional development in cultural responsiveness.

·       Recognition at national trainee events.

Application Process

Prior to applying, all interested trainees are encouraged to have a conversation with their Center/Program Director or Training Director about the time commitments associated with the position.

Please read all the required submitted materials carefully.

·       Please share why you would like this position within the selected Council(s)

·       Please briefly describe the supports you need, including accommodations, to be successful in this position

·       Your resume

·       A statement of support from your LEND, UCEDD, or IDDRC Director or Training Director

2023-2024 Timeline

             ·       Application will open on June 29th and close for priority on August 31st, 2023. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis after this date until positions are filled. 


             ·       Interviews and selection will be in September/October 2023.


             ·       2023-2024 cohort will begin in October 2023.


             ·       2023-2024 cohort ends in May 2024.





Applications must be submitted through the “Apply Now” link above; no other submissions will be accepted 

Priority Deadline for Applicants will be Thursday, August 31st, by 11:59 PM. Applications will continue to be accepted until all positions are filled, and updates will be made to the Council Trainee Representative webpage. Current status of each Council:

Multicultural Council: Selection Made, Applications Closed

National Training Director's Council: Accepting Applications

Council on Leadership in Advocacy: Reviewing Applications

Council on Research and Evaluation: Currently Interviewing Applicants

Community Education and Dissemination Council: Reviewing Applications


If you have any questions about this position, please contact Mollie Blafer, Emerging Leaders Community Program Manager at [email protected]