Trainee Liaisons



 Trainee Liaisons (TLs) are trainees at LENDs, DBPS, UCEDDs, and IDDRCs who volunteer to engage in information sharing and dialogue on trainee-related matters between their Program/Center, trainees at other AUCD member sites and the AUCD national office. TLs provide the AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns and staff with direct access to trainee opinions and guidance on improving communication strategies and engagement; they also share ideas about how to help trainees connect with the AUCD network. They are selected by their home Program/Center annually and play a vital role in building the “community” aspect of the Emerging Leaders Community. 

TLs benefit from their experience by: 

·         Developing leadership and communication skills 

·         Forming relationships with diverse AUCD Trainees from across the country 

·         Learning how a national organization communicates with its members and other partners 

Responsibilities and Time Commitment

TL’s are expected to : 

·         Participate in a one-hour monthly call to share ideas and feedback with the Emerging Leaders Interns and AUCD national office staff 

·         Share information from their Program/Center with the Emerging Leaders Interns to be posted on AUCD's social media and other web-based platforms 

·         Submit an AUCD360 article regarding activities happening at their Program/Center 

·         Attend at least one AUCD webinar during the year and encourage (via e-mail, social media, or other means) trainees from your Center/Program to participate when topics of interest are being covered 

·       Learn more about the Trainee Liaison Position: Trainee Liaison Modules  


It is expected TLs will commit 2-3 hours per month to this role, including the monthly call. 


·       Be a current AUCD Trainee  

·     Trainees can be nominated by their program director, training director, or discipline supervisor using this nomination form 



·         Nominations open on October 27th  

·         Nominations close on January 19th

·         Trainees will receive an email notification to accept or reject the nomination

·      The first meeting, based on the availability of the cohort, will be in December 2023. 

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Nomination Deadline: Friday, January 19th, 2023

Contact Mollie Blafer at [email protected] for more information