Federal / Public Funding

In general, federal agencies tend to have more funds available to award across a wide range of research topics. The funds will typically cover all project costs. Application processes and deadlines are public information and very firm. They tend to know ahead of time about whether the funding will be renewed. Examples include:


Private Funding

Private funding tends to go toward addressing specific emerging issues or interests. These sources are more likely to collaborate with other sources, provide alternative forms of assistance, and consider experimental activities. Private sources may change their area of focus each grant cycle. They usually have fewer regulations and requirements than federal funders. Examples include:


University Resources

Some universities provide options for pilot funding through the University and clinical and translational research center.

Research Funding

There are different types of funding available (see the left side of this page) to support research that you're leading or involved in. It is important to know where your funds are coming from, because it helps you:

  • Match your ideas to the appropriate audiences

  • Submit the appropriate information in the proposal

  • Determine whether you need to partner with another Principal Invesigator (PI) or others to strengthen your proposal

  • Ensure that your organization can comply with any requirements