Module 3: Grow

The third module supports all Trainees as emerging leaders; they'll be exposed to advice from former Trainees, resources, and tips on how to apply their training to career pursuits. The End of the Year Webinar reminds all Trainees that even though the training has ended, they are always a part of the AUCD Network.

Module 2: Connect and Get Involved

The second module focuses on network engagement. The Welcome Webinar, hosted annually by the AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns, helps Trainees find connection points and reviews opportunities to become a more active network member.

Module 1: Learn

The first module provides an introduction to AUCD, the network, and the first-person Trainee perspective. All three videos will help Trainees learn foundational knowledge so they feel comfortable connecting and getting involved with AUCD beyond just their home site.


Welcome to the AUCD network! We are excited to have you as one of our valued members. Over 3,000 new Trainees from every state and territory join the AUCD network each year, all with a commitment to collaboration and positively impacting the lives of people with disabilities. By being a part of this network, you will have access to an array of supports and resources, including a diverse range of disability experts from across the country, as well as opportunities for leadership, academic, and professional growth.

As you begin your journey with AUCD, these three Trainee Orientation Modules will help you learn, connect, get involved, and grow as part of the network. Each includes videos and links to related resources. They were created with input and support from a range of leaders, including recent trainees. The information is sequenced so you can gradually build your understanding, but feel free to jump in wherever and whenever you are ready to start!